Clicking on the icon will redirect you to the official Casita Art website. Discover and explore the Casita Art series. These are handmade drawings on wood and paper evolving, geometry, symbolism, illusion and spagyric art. Purchase your favorite piece of art or let’s create together. By giving the Artist all your presences and details of symbols and quotes and Casita Art will ensemble a personalized piece of art for you or as a gift to someone. Logos and business design are also possible. Or purchase one of Casita Art Textiles; art on pillows, blankets or apparels. Want to find out more about it? Go to the website by clicking on the icon above. 

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Clicking on the icon will redirect you to the official Urmagnetic website. ‘You are Magnetic’, It defines the power behind the mind, will, focus and believing in yourself. We are all walking magnets attracting things, opportunities, chances & circumstances to ourselves sometimes they are pleasant and sometimes not. How does it work and what it requires to become more conscious about it. Sanae Casita has been coaching people from all walks of life, in particular with regard to the next generation. She has given social seminars at college and universities. With workshops & coaching youngsters and juveniles in need of support regarding self empowerment, confidence, discipline, goals and future perspective. 

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Going through Breast Cancer

How a hospital appointment turned into the notorious rollercoaster. October 21st 2020 was that day. How?! Was the first question I asked myself when I heard that I had breast cancer. At the same time I learned that there are many types of breast cancer. I had a very aggressive and fast growing type called HER2 positive or triple positive. The tumor was 3 cm and stage 3.

Chemo treatments, surgery, immunotherapy, laser therapy, hormone therapy, scans, blood tests and what not. I’ve been in and out of the hospital. Despite the physical changes and struggle. I kept my mind cool, positive and focused on my music and the things I loved to do.

My vlogs on youtube

I’ve been posting a few of my vlogs next to my music on my youtube channel.  I appreciate it a lot if you have a minute to subscribe, like or share.